Sunday, March 15, 2009

cut chocolates

Cut chocolates: 

Besan flour 1 cup 
sugar 4 cups 
ghee 1 cup 
cocoa powder 1/2 cup 
milk 1 cup 

Add besan flour, cocoa, sugar to a vessel and mix well with hand. Pour milk and melted ghee and now, switch on the stove. Stir them evenly. 

Grease ghee on a tray and when it comes like a mysore pak i.e. moving away from the edges and forms like a ball, remove and pour it on the tray. When cold, cut into pieces. 

Some tips: 

Before adding ghee to the mixture, stir by laddle well to make sure that the sugar dissolves atleast 3/4th. Becoz, when I made this sweet, just followed what they said and finally, felt some sugar in mouth. 

You will find a different brown color and that is the sign of final stage. 

You can give a break while stirring, but after bubbles has started coming, keep on stirring without any break. 

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