Sunday, March 15, 2009

a new snack

Garbanzo beans(a snack): 

chick peas 1 cup 
onion 4 small in size 
tomato 1 cup 
pine apple 1 cup 
carrot 1/2 cup 
cucumber 1/4 cup 
capsicum 1/4 cup 
sugar 1 tsp 
vinegar 1 tbsp 
pepper powder 1 tsp 
oil & salt. 

Heat oil, add cut garlic(1 flake), saute for a min. Meanwhile, cut onion & tomato into small pieces and the other vegetables into the finger size. 

Saute half of the onion to the heated oil well till it is transparent. Put tomato fry for a couple of mts. Add chick peas with enough of water. Pressure cook. 

At the same time, heat oil in a different vessel; add the veggies with remaining onion & vinegar, marinate for 5 mts. Add pepper powder, salt & sugar mix well and keep aside. 

Now, take the cooked channa out, transfer to some different vessel. Add enough amt of salt, pepper powder, mix well. Pour pine apple pieces and the marinated vegetables to the mixture without vinegar, mix well and serve. 


What I did was completely omitted vinegar. Instead, can squeeze lemon juice. If you dont have pine apple, ignore and proceed. Same with sugar.

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