Sunday, March 15, 2009

rice cucumber thenkuzhal

Rice cucumber thenkuzhal: 

Rice flour sieved 1 cup 
hot oil 2 tsp 
salt to taste 
omam or jeera or cleaned sesame seeds 1 tsp 

Grind cucumber without seeds and green chillies well and extract the juice alone. 

If you dont have time to do all those things, while cooking cucumber for kootu or making salad, filter, save the water and use it. 

Similarly, for green chillies, instead of grinding, slit and put it in the cucumber water and let them boil well so that the hot taste will stay on the water from the chillies. Now, it is ready to knead the flour dough with all other ingredients. 

This is for ordinary or mullu thenkuzhal with single hole. Stuff some dough into the mould and start pressing it directly to the hot oil. Adjust the fire high to medium. When it is red in color, take them out and keep on the tissue paper. 


Instead of pouring in the hot oil directly, you can put a 4 or 5 circular spirals on the ziploc covers and transfer it (using yr hands or any thin spatula) to the oil. Now, small thenkuzhal is ready to eat. 

While pouring on the oil from the mould, if it starts coming out separately, add 1/4 cup of flour. When oil is more, it will happen, which is for yr info.,

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