Sunday, March 15, 2009

mysore vegetable curry

Mysore vegetable curry: 

Onion 3 
vegetables mixed 1/2 kilo 
beaten curd 3/4 cup 
coconut paste 1/2 cup 
ginger garlic paste 1 tsp 
saunf 1/2 tsp 
cinnamon, cardamom a little 
chilli powder 2 tsp 
cloves 1 
haldi 1/2 tsp & green chillies 1 

Heat oil, add all the raw spices saute for a mt. Put onion, ginger garlic paste and stir till the raw smell disappears. Add chilli powder with curd, green chillies & coconut paste. Boil for some time. 

Once it boils well, add cooked vegetables with enough of salt and water. Boil for some more time and garnish with as usual leaves. 

My variation: 

Instead of coconut paste, obviously, added 2 tbsp of coconut milk; And, though you have coconut & curd, the gravy is not becoming thick easily; so, added 1 tsp of besan flour which makes it very thick and the taste is also quite different. Otherwise, it will be like a different version of avial!!

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